There are COVID restriction for the Hustlaball Berlin 2022?

Answer: NO, there`s no COVID restrictions for the  HustlaBall Berlin 2022 !

Where I get my Weekend-Pass bracelet?

Answer: You will get it on all included Events of the Weeken-Passes, like Welcome-Reception, Testosteron-Party, HustlaBall, HustlaBall After-Hour, Salvation-Party and DRTY.

I'm a woman, can I join the HustlaBall?

Answer: Yes girls, you are very welcome at the HustlaBall Berlin BUT there are some dedicated play-Area where are women not allowed.

Where are the HustlaBall located this year?

Answer: The HustlaBall will be located in the legandary KitKatClub.

The locations of the other events during the Circuit-Party weekend you will find on our circuit-party page.

When do start the presale of Online-Tickets?

Answer: The online pre-sale for the HustlaBall Berlin 2022 started already in our ticket shop.

I can't come, is it possible to refund my online-ticket?

No, online-tickets are legally non-refundable. But these tickets are NOT personalized and can give to other person(s) easily, or sell them!

I have to buy my ticket in advance, or do you have a box-office?

Answer: No, do you don’t need to buy your ticket in advance we will have also a box-office at the door of the event BUT the last years we were sold out so we always suggest to buy them early enough.

Where I can see which Porn-Stars will be at the HustlaBall this year?

Answer: We always have far over 50 Stars at the HustlaBall Berlin and you can find them here this page will be updated very regular.

Where I can see which DJs will play at the HustlaBall this year?

Answer: We always book the best DJs for the HustlaBall Berlin you can find them here and this page will be updated regular.

What is the dresscode at the HustlaBall?

Answer: We don’t have a dresscode at the HustlaBall but remember its a porn/clubbing event and its usually very warm, so don’t wear too much and the cloak-room is free of charge. By the way, we also have a heated Pool and a Sauna 😉

Can I make pictures & movies at the HustlaBall?

Answer: Yes, at the HustlaBall Berlin is it allowed to make pictures and movies of your stars on stage or in the main-floors BUT not in the play-areas and the Private V.I.P. Lounges.

Can I pay with credit/debit card at the HustlaBall?

Answer: No sorry, cash only!

You have a cloak-room?

Answer: YES! Our cloak-room is supervised and free of charge! Since 2016 we have an extended cloak-room!

Our V.I.P. guests have also a separate V.I.P. cloak-room for a faster service

You provide condoms and lube?

Answer: YES! We always provide thousands of condoms and lube for free at the HustlaBall!!!

I have another question, but is not listed here.

Answer: No problem, send us a message on our contact-form and we will answer you  a.s.a.p.