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Discography of DJ Redtomcat

RedtomCat is a still uprising star in the techno scene in Berlin, which has already spacey dimensions. My motto is hardly surprisingfor those who have previously experienced my performances: Music is my drug. And that already since 1995, when Berlin still attracted the noise of the great parties and the techno club scene people from everywhere. What in some ways still goes on every weekend.

Already in 1999 I hung up, for example, at the Love Parade. Since then I was constantly present in the techno, house and trance scene. One know me by events such as the HustlaBall (resident DJ since 2010), the CSD, Bottom Up in the old and testosterone Parties in new KitCatClub,  the sex dance in FateClub and,  not to forget, of course, the Berlin Fetish Weekend (EasterPride).  In 2006, I heat up the audience at the matrix. Yes, last, but not least, the VEB club to the time to mention the most important of some more!

But over Berlin’s borders RedtomCat is a term: In Parties in Hamburg and Stuttgart, he was responsible for the good tone and therefore the sound of the Berlin club scene.

He follows a simple and somehow logic crede: Music is as old as humanity itself; various forms can be found in all cultures and, indeed, of all epochs, from the African Indigenous Peoples about the Vikings, the oriental snake up to the ancient Hebrews. Every culture has rhythms and beats that can sink into the human body, mind and spirit in a trance. Pure music, the feelings, the mind and the imagination put into a hypnotic state! Today we go back to these roots, however, with new tools, the latest electronics and with the help of computer technology.

Vinyl is still the tool of deejays and has flair, but the handling of music in MP3 or WAV format is not to be underestimated. Who believes that the software replaces all the work of DJ’s is sadly mistaken – rather a more extensive and more flexible working is important. The possibilities for influencing and managing the sound material are definitely increased. By using the digital adaptation of two pieces of music, the creative challenge to the DJ is even more strongly demanded than ever. Since 2008, I put on digital.

My sound varies between Progressive House, Trance, Vocal House, Techno and Tech House & Electro. Here I try intuitively on the same shaft to remain that high swings from the floor, and celebrate as the same time.

Also since 2008, I have heard every Friday from 9pm with the show “Thanks
God is Friday” on the net.

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