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★ Fixie Fate ★ is quite new in the Berlin DJ-Scene and only since 2 years in the business. However, she’s already well known from famous partys like REVOLVER. In addition to that Fixie is a very successful berlin-based drag queen, booked not only within Berlin in nearly every gay club but also international. At CHANTALS HOUSE OF SHAME she is part of the regular Show- and Hosting-Repertoire since many years. And finally Miss Fate is doing music as well: Her mixture of Classic Disco, Funky and NuDisco will be totally different then the usual techno stuff – we promise that Fixie will lead you the way to a world of fun and happiness! Your Disco needs you!

Resident DJ:
Revolver Party / Kit Kat
B:East / 1 Stralau
Über / Maze Club
Bar zum schmutzigen Hobby
Ab Oktober: Butch / Kosmonaut
Ab 2018: Kosmonaut

Offizielle CSD Opening Party 2016/17
CSD auf der Spree After Party 2016/17
Offizielle CSD Main Party 2016
LesBiSchwules Parkfest After Party 2016
LesBiSchwules Parkfest 2017
Folsom Opening Party 2017
Chantals House of Shame

Offizielle CSD Main Party 2017
CSD Truck “Lieber Spät als Nie” 2017
Nasty Love Club

Locationtown 1,2&3

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