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NAME:  Alberto Esposito
OCCUPATION:  Porn Star, Interior Designer, Owner of a Bed and Breakfast in Sicily and Bartender
LOCATION:  Catania, Sicily, Italy
DOB:  November 22, 1980
SIGN:  Scorpio
GOOD TRAITS:  Very friendly, easygoing, tolerant and positive person.
BAD TRAITS:  I get sick of stupidity , liars and people who judge and  that can sometimes make me an asshole
STATUS:  Engaged
HEIGHT:  1.82 cm
WEIGHT:  83 kgs
BUILD:  Lean, Muscular, Athletic
BODY HAIR:  hairy chests
SEXUAL ORIENTATION:  Gay (of course)
ENDOWMENT:  19 cm, uncut
POSITION:  Versatile in life like in videos
SEXUAL TURN ONS:  masculine men, good kissers, hairy guys and very hairy guys, jockstraps and leather
SEXUAL TURN OFFS:  Bad Hygiene, shaved bodies
INTERESTS:  Porn Industry, Gym, Travelling, Interior Design, Art and Food.


2008 I started my career filming with Cazzofilm, Timtales and Ericvideos for whom I did 6 movies. After that I decided to take a break. 2015 I came back, now as Alberto Esposito mainly working with Kristen Bjorn and many more. I just love to be back and within a short period I did 6 movies with Kristen Bjorn and 4 more with Fuckermates, 2 for Biaggivideos,1 for Dark Alley as well as working with the ones I had done before, like Cazzofilm, Timtales and Ericvideos. I had the pleasure to film with many colleagues, which I had admired for so long. Amazing Actors like Tim Krueger, Antonio Biaggi, Logan Moore, Antonio Miracles as well as Aymeric Deville and a lot of great new starters.
I am constantly travelling between Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and London as I also started to do live performances in various clubs and big events. Some of many highlights include performances at Leather Pride Antwerp and Amsterdam, Beef Club Tel Aviv, Codice Rosso Catania, Dark Sitges Bar, Zona X Sitges, Bunker Club Rome, Juice Berry in Venice, Fabrik in Florence as well as in Antverp for Alphamale and Red and Blue.I would love to get a chance to work with one of the important American Production companies and maybe make a movie which may become as legendary as Fallen Angels

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