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Interview with Tom Wolfe for HustlaBall Berlin 2011

Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe

1. You have been in porn since 2006-2007, how did you start?

I was contacted by a local photographer while I was in high school. We ended up talking for a long time and he convinced me to come do a photo shoot with him. This was my first experience in front of a camera other than family photos. I started working with him shooting poster work and fine art nudes. Eventually, one day, he introduced the idea of shooting porn. I was not sure that I was interested in doing so. Therefore, I took my time to decide if that was what I wanted or not. He was friends with the guys at CorbinFisher.com. He sent my photos over and the next thing I know, I found myself on location shooting a solo video.

2. Was it different from your ideas/expectations or just as you expected?

To be honest I was unsure of what to expect. I was immediately thrown in a group of hot guys whom all said they were straight, except one. They were all propositioning me, wanting to know how big I was, if I was a top or a bottom and what I liked. Being a young country boy at the time, I was very nervous and did not quite know what to think of the entire situation. That was the day I found out that making porn was actually a job, and it is work. I was extremely overwhelmed by the bright lights that generate lots of heat and a strange crew. It is definitely a lot different than what you see as the finished production on film.

3. First porn shoot; Please describe it, was it like losing your virginity?

I shot for CorbinFisher.com on location at a farm off of the Meramec River, just South of St. Louis. It was in this cool log cabin on a hill. I was set up on the bed and the camera crew right in front of me. I was in blue jeans and cowboy boots with a black cowboy hat. In one sense it was definitely like losing my virginity, my porn virginity. I was nervous, timid and unsure of myself, just as any young boy about to pop his cherry would be.

4. Did it change anything in your life? Some things made more difficult or easy?

At the time I did not think so, though contrary to my thoughts, it did. It took a little bit of time for the effects to set in. I can remember, to this day, when it changed for me. It was about 1 a.m. when I received a text from one of my friends asking “How is Tom tonight?” to which my response was, “what are you talking about.” Then it suddenly changed, my friends one by one found out that I was on CorbinFisher.com. I started getting texts me telling me that they saw me on the internet. I was unsure of how the reaction would be if my parents or others in my community found out. So of course I was terrified of that leaking out, especially since I was from a very small Midwestern agriculture town. To those who really cared about me it made no difference. Those friends who were not as close, their true colors showed. Now looking back, it was their loss to be prejudiced, not mine.

Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe

5. What's the difference between good porn and bad porn? Have you worked in both or in the good one only?

I think that is somewhat of an opinionated question and is dependent upon many things. I think one thing that makes a great movie is the editing. If you have a bad edit with poor transitions it really detracts from the entire production no matter how hot of an all-star cast you have. Secondly, would be good videographers capturing the correct angles of penetration, oral and of the entire mood of the scene. Last of course, an amazingly hot cast of super star performers to perform for the viewing pleasure of many hungry sex-craved fans. Therefore, I believe that the question of good or bad porn revolves around the expertise of the producer and directors of the movie. However, also keep in mind that you could not judge amateur porn with web based companies or that of a major studio. It would be like comparing apples and oranges. They are similar but totally different fruits.

I know that I have personally been in the hands of amazing talent producing and directing the productions I have been in. However, we come full circle back to the opinionated question again. It also depends upon ones interests as to where that individual’s interests lie, when it comes to the opinion of “good” or “bad” porn. I hope that all of the movies I have been in are considered great porn and that my fans are pleased!

6. What makes a Pornstar? Is it a career or a state of mind?

To be truthfully honest, the age of the Porn Star is dead and gone. I believe that a porn star is a model who has worked for one of the MAJOR studios, not a web company or amateur site. In this day and age there are many avenues to take a photo or video and upload it to the internet exposing yourself as a “porn star” without any experience on set with a crew. In my opinion, the last of the porn stars is Matthew Rush, Erik Rhodes, and Johnny Hazard, just a few as an example; I do not even consider myself to be a “Porn Star.” The ease of access and lack of quality, is one of the downfalls of the internet and free porn; a negative impact upon the adult industry that is struggling to survive.

Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe

7. Barebacking and AIDS. Suicidal tendencies? Fashion? Or return to nature?

Well, I believe that is a very personal health question that each individual must ask themselves prior to committing to sexual intercourse. I have no problems with anyone who desires to bareback. The problem I have is with those whom refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. HIV/AIDS, STD status should be openly discussed with sexual partners prior to any engagement. We are all adults and can make our own decisions, therefore we must own up to our decisions and those consequences that follow. I am a huge proponent of protected sex and believe that we should all advocate safe sex and safer sex practices.

8. How often are you horny on the set? Ever? What really turns you on? Any fetishes?

I have been very fortunate to work with many diverse and attractive men. There have only been maybe 3 men that I have had a scene with that I really had to work to power through the scene. So to answer the question, yes I have been turned on by the men I film with more times than not. I love masculine men who are muscled, intelligent, strong-willed, confident and down to earth. Arrogance is a HUGE turn off for me. I love arm pits and to smell and taste the pheromones of a hot masculine man. I love a stud in leather chaps and a harness, sports gear, jock straps; I like both smooth and hairy men, but prefer moderately hairy men more.

Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe

9. The best scene you took part? Or it's still not shot?

To be truthfully honest I have 3 different shoots that stand out to me as my favorites. The first is with Rod Daily at MassiveStudios.com, it was a military themed shoot Directed by John Bruno. I fucked Rod’s hot, tight little ass every which way. In fact, I got in trouble because I went hog wild on his ass and John said that I am an editor’s nightmare.

The second scene is with Angelo Marconi, Raging Stallions Man of the Year; filmed on location in San Francisco at a really cool office with a huge open floor plan on the first floor. We were dressed to the nines in suit and ties, Very GQ. It was an extremely sensual and sexual shoot that still sends chills down my spine when I think of messing around with Angelo on that couch.

My third favorite is two different scenes for the big Raging Stallion movie that is being released the end of this month titled, “Cowboys.” We filmed on location in Northern California at a horse ranch in the foothills of the climbing mountains, just prior to the shoreline. Scene one was with Jesses Santana that included some really hot, hard, fucking! The other scene was a three-way with myself, Parker Perry, and Aybars. I do not want to give anything away about this movie just yet, but I want my fans to watch it and see how hot it is. I can tell you that from my standpoint it was SO FUCKING HOT filming it!

10. How open/close are you about your XXX career? Is fucking on video a side dish or main course for you? What are you going to do "after porn"?

Well I do not mind who knows. Anyone can find photos and videos on the internet, so why should I hide it? Nearly every time I fly someone recognizes me and it turns into a photo and autograph session. I think it is humorous to see people’s reactions when they finally do recognize me. I always think meeting new fans and followers is fun and an amazing opportunity. So to be frankly honest no it’s not a secret nor do wish to hide it. I am proud of who I am and who I have become nor am I ashamed of how I got to where I am today or where I came from.

Actually I do it because I am an exhibitionist. Making porn is an art and is the safest place to participate in any type of sexual act. I make movies because I enjoy the work and the people and I hope that the finished product that my fans view demonstrates that exactly.

I plan to finish my doctorates and return to the family farm. Where I will open a practice and continue to farm with my family.

Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe

11. Have you ever heard of Polish sausage? Would you care to try one? Or shoot a movie in the country of origin?

Polish sausage huh. Too funny, my dad’s side of the family is mostly Italian but has some Polish ancestry. I would love to try one of each ;) I would love to shoot a movie in Poland. I would definitely welcome that opportunity!

12. Will you prepare anything special for the Hustlaball show? Any message for your European fans?

I have not. I want to let the people and the place dictate how the night goes. I want to travel to Europe with an open mind ready to learn and experience the culture of Berlin and make this year’s HustlaBall a world class show.

I would like to thank all of my friends, followers and fans for giving me such an opportunity. I would not be where I am today without you! Thank you so much for all of your support. Please if you see me anywhere make sure you come say Hi. I would love to meet as many of my European fans as possible.