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The history of HustlaBall Berlin!
What is it? What is behind it?

HustlaBall originated in 1998 from a New York meeting of hustlers advertising on As there is a magazine in the US called „Hustler“, the name was changed to HustlaBall, in order to avoid a law suit.

HustlaBall Berlin – the biggest and most successful HustlaBall party worldwide. HustlaBall Berlin is probably the most outstanding event, which could be successfully established over the last years. In 2003 Sascha Müller-Bardone brought the format to Berlin and made it the biggest HustlaBall event worldwide.

The concept was adapted to the European market and the Berlin freedom made it possible to get a couple of thousand guests from all over the world to Berlin each year. You can describe HustlaBall, but the unique atmosphere of erotics, sexual freedom, fun and mutual respect can only be experienced.

There is hardly any other activity so strongly breathing the spirit of free living and free loving, without dogmatic sexual discrimination, prejudice or wrong shame.

There's reasons for guests from the other end of the globe travelling to Berlin every year, to experience this party and feel the unique tune and sensational atmosphere.

Previous HustlaBall-Berlin Partys:

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HustlaBall Berlin 2003 - Poster
Berlin 2003
HustlaBall Berlin 2004 - Poster
Berlin 2004
HustlaBall Berlin 2005 - Poster
Berlin 2005
HustlaBall Berlin 2006 - Poster
Berlin 2006
HustlaBall Berlin 2007 - Poster
Berlin 2007
HustlaBall Berlin 2008 - Poster
Berlin 2008
HustlaBall Berlin 2009 - Poster
Berlin 2009
HustlaBall Berlin 2010 - Poster
Berlin 2010
HustlaBall Berlin 2011 - Poster
Berlin 2011
HustlaBall Berlin 2012 - Poster
Berlin 2012