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HustlaBall Berlin - Benefit

Though we celebrate a hedonistic manifesto, at the same time we concern about our community. Right from the launch we took care of giving some benefit back to organizations, charity projects.

The state of Berlin and the government at all withdraw in the last decades by and by financing them, therefore sometimes our benefit helped them to survive. We are a part of the gay community and for us it is important not only to show support, but to do a bit more. Two Euros of each sold ticket will be granted. We already reached the amount of more than 40.000.- Euros! Not bad, isn´t it? 

We care and concern about what happens in our community. And now: Let´s party!

HustlaBall-Berlin Benefactor History:


- Subway (Hilfe für Jungs e.V.) (1500 EUR)

- Maneo- Schwules Überfalltelefon e.V. (1500 EUR)

- Lebensort Vielfalt e.V. (800 EUR)

- Der Order der Schwester der Perpetuellen Indulgenz e.V.  (800 EUR)


- House of Life e.V. (575 EUR)

- Subway (Hilfe für Jungs e.V.) (575 EUR)

- Der Order der Schwester der Perpetuellen Indulgenz e.V.  (575 EUR)

- Cafe PositHiv e.V. (575 EUR)

- Maneo- Schwules Überfalltelefon e.V. (575 EUR)

- Mann-O-Meter e.V. (575 EUR)

- Pluspunkt Berlin e.V. (575 EUR) 

- Berlin Positiv e.V. (250 EUR)



- House of Life e.V. (1.800 EUR)

- Subway (Hilfe für Jungs e.V.) (1.800 EUR)

- Der Orden der Schwester der Perpetuellen Indulgenz e.V.  (550 EUR)

- Berlin Positiv e.V. (250 EUR)


As the first and only long term nursing home in Berlin the House of Life offers multifunctions for people between the age 20 and 55. HIV, accidents or mental problems are often the reason for the residents to stay in the house. 2006 House of Life modernized its house in Berlin Kreuzberg to provide age-adequate support. The House of Life is an open house. Art and music make up the house for the residents, as well as for the city of Berlin. A special place for unique encounters. To avoid the needs of the residents to disappear from public knowledge, the book, Sie sollen nicht vergessen werden (They shall not be forgotten), was published. Café Bohne, a café run by the House of Life, is open Saturdays and Sundays, is run by "the time givers" (the volunteers) and works as a meeting point for the residents and visitors.


Subway offers help to boys working as prostitutes. Street work prevention is done on the streets, in bars and sex cinemas. In the drop-in centre the boys are offered a safe space, where they can rest and gather strength, where they can wash their clothes, sleep, eat and shower and where they can get advice and see a doctor. The co-workers give advice in German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish and Romanian. For more than 20 years HILFE-FÜR-JUNGS e.V. and its project Subway support and give advice on the topics homelessness and houselessness, violence, sexually transmitted infections, coming-out, and how to leave prostitution. The work is sponsored by public funds but private funding forms an important foundation of financing.


- Chronisch besser Leben e.V. (2.500 EUR)

- Berlin Positiv e.V. / Memorial (1.600 EUR)

- The Sisters of the Perpetuel Indulgenz e.V.  (250 EUR)

CHRONISCH BESSER LEBEN e.V. (chronically better living – registered association) is a charitable association, working towards a better quality of life for those needing help, people with HIV, AIDS or other chronical diseases, independently of nationality, sexual orientation and sex of the person seeking help.

Berlinpositiv e.V./Memorial for five years now has been maintaining the memorial „Red Ribbon – Rememberance of those having died of AIDS“ near the Urania in Berlin. Now a permanent memorial is build, a 2.60 meters high stele of granite. The motto „Against Oblivion“ will be on the stele in many languages. The city of Berlin supports this plan ideally, but the stele costs € 35,000.


- Cafe PositHiv e.V. (1.334 EUR)

- Maneo- Schwules Überfalltelefon e.V. (1.334 EUR)

- Mann-O-Meter e.V. (1.334 EUR)

- Berlin Positiv e.V. (250 EUR)

On March 13 was the big day – HustlaBall traditionally donates € 2 per sold ticket to charitable organizations – the cheques were handed over. At Berlin Café PositHIV more than € 5.000 found new owners.

"We understand HustlaBall as project of the gay community and thus engaged in it. It is our pleasure to give € 2 of each sold ticket to charitable causes. However, we are concerned about the public sector withdrawing more and more from financing important projects, which makes our contribution, meant as extra, crucial for the projects' survival.“ said HustlaBall-spokesperson at the presentation.

HustlaBall-host Sascha Müller-Bardone gave cheques to Mann-o-Meter e.V., Maneo e.V., Café PositHIV e.V. and Berlin Positiv e.V.. Welcome birthday presents for Maneo's 20th, Mann-o-meter's 25th and Café PositHIV's 20th. Congratulations and many happy returns to them from here!

Last but not least everyone was invited to 25th HustlaBall, which will take place in Berlin this year. The jubilee will be celebrated with a five-day circuit party-weekend – for October 21st -25th : On to Berlin for HustlaBall!



- Pluspunkt Berlin e.V. (3.500 EUR) 

- The Sisters of the PerpetuelIndulgenz e.V. (730 EUR)

Logo Pluspunkt e.V. Partner O.S.P.I. e.V. Berlin


- Maneo- Schwules Überfalltelefon e.V. (5.000 EUR)

Scheckübergabe Maneo e.V. 2007


- Felix Pflegeteam gGmbH (5.000 EUR)

Logo Felix Pflegeteam gGmbH


- Cafe PositHiv e.V. (1.500 EUR)

Scheckübergabe Cafe PositHiv e.V. 2005


- Mann-O-Meter e.V. (1.000 EUR)

Logo Mann-O-Meter e.V.


- SubWay Berlin e.V. (1.000 EUR)

Logo SubWay e.V.