AWARDS – The online voting started!

The online voting started! • Win 2 vip tickets
You have time to vote until Tuesday, 10th october 2017 • 23:59 PM

We need your points for the stars. Good luck to all nominees!
We have 12 categories – vote for your favorite in each categorie and tell us in the end if you will be there at “The Real HustlaBall Awards” at KitKatClub

AWARD • Friday, 20th october 2017 • 8PM
15th HustlaBall Berlin • Friday, 20th october 2017 • 10PM

Everybody who is voting, has the chance to win 2 vip tickets for the “Scandalicious” 15th HustlaBall Berlin edition (including the award show).

If you are a winner we will inform you some days before!

Good luck.