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NAME:  Alberto Esposito
OCCUPATION:  Porn Star, Interior Designer, Owner of a Bed and Breakfast in Sicily and Bartender
LOCATION:  Catania, Sicily, Italy
DOB:  November 22, 1980
SIGN:  Scorpio
GOOD TRAITS:  Very friendly, easygoing, tolerant and positive person.
BAD TRAITS:  I get sick of stupidity , liars and people who judge and  that can sometimes make me an asshole
STATUS:  Engaged
HEIGHT:  1.82 cm
WEIGHT:  83 kgs
BUILD:  Lean, Muscular, Athletic
BODY HAIR:  hairy chests
SEXUAL ORIENTATION:  Gay (of course)
ENDOWMENT:  19 cm, uncut
POSITION:  Versatile in life like in videos
SEXUAL TURN ONS:  masculine men, good kissers, hairy guys and very hairy guys, jockstraps and leather
SEXUAL TURN OFFS:  Bad Hygiene, shaved bodies
INTERESTS:  Porn Industry, Gym, Travelling, Interior Design, Art and Food.


the name  Alberto Esposito was born in 2015 when I started collaborating with the producer Kristen Bjorn, although I had begun my porn career, under another name a few years earlier with Cazzofilm , Timtales and Ericvideos. After the first 6 movies I took a break from filming due to other employment but a year ago  I came back into the  porn Industry with many companies. And it is great to be back!!! I started again filming for Kristen Bjorn with six new movies. and four films with Fuckermates  Biaggivideos, Dark Alley and again with Timtales, Ericvideos and Cazzofilm. I filmed with many famous actors,  who I had admired as well,   like Tim Kruger, Antonio Biaggi, Logan Moore, Antonio Miracle, Aymeric Deville as well as many new actors. I’m travelling a lot between Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Berlin and London.  I started last summer performing in  different disco clubs and sex clubs. I worked at Leather Pride Antwerp last year (2015) and I started to be connected with the world of  live performances too. Which I enjoy alot. I have performed in Tel Aviv for Beef Club, in Catania for Codice Rosso , Sitges for Dark Sitges, Rome for Bunker Club, Antwerp for Alphamale ,and at  Red and Blue club and next February  I will return for Leather Pride Antwerp. My dream and goal is to star in a  big production and keep going on this carreer till  I make a film that will never be forgotten 🙂

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